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Integrative Relaxation/Yoga Nidra CDs  & Digital Downloads
in The Amrit Method

by Peggy Sealfon

These audio recordings are intended to reduce stress to release the body's innate healing powers to boost the immune system, restore optimum health, improve performance and impact overall well being. Each recording includes a guided experience-- which takes only 20 to 30 minutes--and uses techniques that can reverse the effects of aging, reduce stress, pain, anxiety, and tension to bring together mind, body, heart and spirit into a harmonious interplay that promotes a sense of peace, tranquility and joy. The effects bring the body and mind into balance to improve health, relationships, performance, and happiness!

Each recording  is based on ancient yogic secrets passed down through world renowned Yogi Master Gurudev Amrit Desai who I trained with. The techniques I use (based on Yoga Nidra) have been shown scientifically to reduce blood pressure, calm the nervous system, improve brain waves, and deliver deep relaxation which is highly beneficial for restoration and rejuvenation. 


Each guided journey can be listened to while lying down or sitting comfortably in a chair. I've sometimes been on long drives and felt so exhausted, I've pulled over, stopped my car, reclined my seat, and listened to the 20-minute Integrative Relaxation for Stress CD. Just 20 minutes has been shown to be equivalent to three or four hours of deep, restorative REM sleep. Afterwards, I feel refreshed, clear-minded and highly capable to continue my long drive...or any other challenge  Each experience takes from 20 to 30 minutes and is recommended to practice at least once a day for dramatic results.I listen in the morning before I even get out of bed. It starts my day with focus, no aches or pains, and good feelings. Others listen at night in bed.  Or use it as a break during the day to refresh you.

On this page you'll find a few additional items to support and encourage the release of stress at the core.

Be well!

--Peggy Sealfon



To learn more about INTEGRATIVE RELAXATION/Yoga Nidra

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Integrative Relaxation for Travelers by Peggy Sealfon $15.00
Click Here for Product Details! Diffuse the tensions of travel with this relaxing and restorative experience. Reach your destination feeling energized and renewed. These methods are effective to use for replenishing energy even while at your travel destination. Or use it daily to de-stress and enjoy total well being.
Integrative Relaxation for Sports CD in the Amrit Method $15.00
Click Here for Product Details! Integrative Relxation for Sports CD in the Amrit Method will increase balance, stamina, restore vital life force energy for optimum well being and performance. A simple, guided experience into the deepest levels of tranquility and peace to help you realize your highest potentials in golf, tennis or any other sport...and in life.
Stress Buster System Introductory Experience $125.00
Click Here for Product Details! The Stress Buster System Introductory Experience provides techniques in a private 30-minute online session that reduces stress, improves health, relationships, productivity, energy and more. Great help for de-stressing during the holidays. The session helps you find solutions to many of lifes problems and challenges. Access the workshop online from the comfort of your home by telephone, computer or Skype.

"Your relaxation cd for stress is really working even though I don't completely understand completely how. Often, I do fall asleep at night after a long day. I have been using the 30 minute at night and the 20 minute in the morning and don't seem to have any desire to get myself all worked up about the usual things. Nice."--C. McNamara, Riverside, CA


Newest Release for PREGNANCY!

Integrative Relaxation for Pregnancy $8.97
Click Here for Product Details! Yoga Nidra ("yogic sleep") is the basis of the Integrative Relaxation guidance system. Use it to reduce stress, anxiety, ease nausea and cope with labor pain. Download this audio file to your smartphone or computer and use daily!
Integrative Relaxation for Stress Relief Download $9.97
Click Here for Product Details! Discover the "magic" of Integrative Relaxation and get two audio downloadable recordings. Reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm and re-balance and renew your body for improved health and well-being with these audios.
Integrative Relaxation for Travelers (downloadable) $8.97
Click Here for Product Details! Dismantle the stressors of traveling using this gently guided experience. Feel refreshed in just 20 minutes!






Integrative Relaxation for STRESS CD by Peggy Sealfon $15.00
Click Here for Product Details! This Integrative Relaxation FOR STRESS CD by Peggy Sealfon guides you into the most powerful method for self-healing, de-stressing and balancing. It is based on the teachings of world renowned Yogi Amrit Desai whose methodology takes you into the deepest space for restoration, rejuvenation and well being.
Integrative Relaxation FOR PAIN RELIEF in the Amrit Method $15.00
Click Here for Product Details! Integrative Relaxation FOR PAIN RELIEF in the Amrit Method is beneficial for those who suffer pain from injury or illness. It takes just 30 minutes to bring you into a deep state of total relaxation to release pain and restore vital life force energy in every part of your body for optimum health. If youre ready to be rid of your pain, listen to this CD and let go.



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"Gosh, the most important thing sleep...  Sleep has been fantastic, thanks to you.   Your tape [CD} has performed wonders for me.  Use of the tape [CD] in the morning and/or late afternoon finds me very relaxed by the time we go to bed at night and falling to sleep within minutes.   Waking up 2-3 times during the night to use the restroom but able to return to sleep within a few minutes each time.  I wake feeling rested and without pain.  Therefore I hate to move, so I lay there awhile thinking, 'if I could just lay here all day'.  But I get up and move slowly and move to start a more peaceful day.  Thank you so much!" --S.D. Long, Ft. Myers, FL


Feel Good Arthritis Bracelet $70.00
Click Here for Product Details! The attractive combination of Chrysocolla, Chinese Jade, Amethyst and Copper can help reduce the pain and inflammation from arthritis.
Stress Reliever $80.00
Click Here for Product Details! Helps relieve stress, brings inner peace, healing and positive transformation. Made of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Crystal Quartz.

A word about restoring good health

All of my works--my gemstone jewelry designs, workshops and CDs--are intended to assist you to feel good. No one should have to suffer. Yet so many of us have exhaustive tensions that we mistakenly think we must hold onto. Losing a job, a house, or a relationship can be crippling. But all of the resulting tensions can be reduced and eliminated quite easily. At the moment something happens, it may seem impossibly overwhelming, but harmony and balance can be restored even when you feel totally suffocated by external circumstances. The key is within you.  

I believe so many of us hold onto old energies in the form of old thoughts, seeds planted by others like parents and teachers, and from past experiences that no longer serve us.   Yet those memories get stored in our bodies and cause us to be out of sorts and unbalanced which can lead to inappropriate reactions in relationships, depression, and a plethora of illnesses.   The solutions for stress are actually quite simple and yet many of us prefer complicated approaches that just mask stress's roots.   So I give you a variety of options to choose from that truly help you release stress at the core, all of which can serve to bring you back to an original childlike place of peace and well being. I hope you'll try them, experiment with them for yourself. May they serve you well.-- Peggy Sealfon