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Mind Body Fitness - Feel Fitter, Healthier and Lighter in Only 14 Days $47.50
Click Here for Product Details! A comprehensive 14-day program that will kick-start a healthy lifestyle for mastering your mind and mastering your body.



There are many ways to relieve Stress, Anxiety, Pain and to reach your highest potential.  These programs are designed to help you on your journey by releasing all struggle and suffering. Life is play.  Learn how everyday challenges can be approached with a whole new, more enjoyable attitude, a perspective that improves health and well being. Happiness is a choice. Be guided into making inspiring choices that empower and transform. Be coached so that you may sustain the positive changes for a lifetime.

These trainings are for individuals and group programs. Click on any of the programs below for expanded information.

Integrated Life Training

Online Programs 
Improve Performance & Mind-Body Connectedness

At-A-Glance De-Stressing/Relaxation Tools

Stress Buster System

Public Speaking Excellence Workshop

Pain Buster System

Private Sessions/Coaching

Sports Performance Workshops

Integrative Amrit Yoga

Integrative Relaxation/Amrit Yoga Nidra



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