Breakthrough Pain Relief

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combines ancient Integrative Relaxation techniques with the futuristic Matrix Transmitter.   The Transmitter broadcasts frequency vibrations that correct disfunctional energy patterns throughout the body. It restores the normal flow of energy to allow for the body's own innate mechanisms to balance and heal. The best part is that it balances ALL the energy centers of the body with one complete session. You can access it right now and experience it for yourself.



To understand how the Matrix Transmitter works at distances, just think about a cellphone. You can be in New York City and interact clearly with someone in Hong Kong or Sydney. Or consider a radio. You can hear music transmitted over air waves without any wires.   Plus with music, you may notice some music actually lifts your spirit and makes you feel better while other music is heavy, discordant, and unpleasant. The sounds emitted by the Matrix Transmitter are scientifically developed to interact with varying energy centers of your body. It vibrates at the very same frequencies that restore optimum wellness which is how balance and harmony is achieved to set the body in motion to heal.   It works like a tuning fork, tuning your body's energy centers to the correct frequency to restore the proper energy flow.  

Haven't you ever listened to music that just made you feel good?   Chances are the vibrational frequencies of the sounds in that musical piece resonated with you in a positive way. That's what the Matrix Transmitter does for your entire body; resonating you from head to toe.   We know the concept may seem strange for some of you, but the bottom line is that it may enable your pain relief in just minutes without any medication and without any side effects.
To benefit, you just need to sit comfortably in a chair, listen and follow the guidance! It's that simple.


Two-part Program

PART I--Relaxation Technique: The session begins with an Integrative Relaxation technique in order to bring you into a more receptive and relaxed state. Typically high tension levels can enhance pain. By reducing your tension, you can immediately begin to restore balance and you will be more receptive and responsive to the breathing techniques and the sound frequencies. The relaxation techniques used are based on ancient yogic practices and help harness one's own healing capacity at the very source.

PART II--Sound Transmission: The second part of the session is the activation of the Matrix Transmitter. You will hear a series of pulsating tones, sound frequencies that cycle through your body.   Eventhough you may have a specific area in which you feel pain, the Matrix Transmitter   works throughout your entire body for optimal holistic wellness. In this way, the flow of energy can be restored so the body functions as it is supposed to naturally.

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Pain Buster Program $49.95
Click Here for Product Details! Pain Buster Program relieves the very source of pain in just minutes. Effective relief without medication and without interfering with any other medical care. It uses a breakthrough technology based on acoustic energy made even more effective with the use of ancient deep relaxation techniques. Being pain-free will change your life. You can be listening to it right now! Download it for unlimited access.
 "There is an emerging trend of clinicians who recognize that a far more powerful approach to healing is one that is based on physics and not on chemistry. " -- Dr. Joseph M. Mercola, August 15, 2009.
"Quantum healing is healing the bodymind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest at a sensory level. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy. Quantum healing involves a shift in the fields of energy information, so as to bring about a correction in an idea that has gone wrong. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, mind, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, body." Dr. Deepak Chopra



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"The medicine of the future will be dominated by vibratory energy technologies. You need to educate yourself about these technologies and spread the word to others so that the general public will demand safe, inexpensive and effective health/illness care. It is time to take back your right to the type of treatment you want, not the treatment   chosen for you by vested monopoly interests."--Physicist Gary Wade