A natural way to health and wellness


 "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison  


"All matter is energy." --Albert Einstein



Our clients   have had amazing success with our program. One client told us she avoided a double knee replacement; another said he was liberated from taking pain medication; another had relief from crippling arthritis; and yet another experienced relief from migraines for the first time in years. Several clients are physicians. We've listed just a few of the testimonails here.


"Don't know how to say it, I 'flew' down the stairs this morning to let the dogs out. Really. I can't believe it.   On a scale of 10, the pain is no more than 2. Thank you."--Dr. David Kennedy (had pain in both knees)


"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for helping me.   I must say at first I was very reluctant to try the program.   But it is already past two months since I tried [it] and the pain is totally gone in my knees   I am pain free.   I always had severe pain in my right knee so I had started to drink a number of Advils per day. This helped for awhile but the pain got much worse. I went to the doctor and he sent me for an MRI.   He determined that I had severe arthritis and as such he would have to put me on very strong pain killers.   If this did not work, he would have to recommend a knee replacement.   That was when I started to look for an alternative aqnd I found you.   It is the best thing I ever did.   I want to honestly say that the Matrix Transmitter really works. I would like to thank you and your staff for helping me with a pain free life.   For anyone who thinks this is not true, you must try it to believe it. Thanks again and hope you continue to help others." -- Sy Shafee, New York City  


"Richard Campanella called me to talk about several different things, while on the phone he asked if I was having any problems with pain.   I mentioned I had been suffering with low back pain for several weeks since I helped my brother move.   He asked if he could try a new piece of equipment he had just gottened called a crystal matrix transmitter and treat me over the phone.   I agreed to try the treatment.   He turned the transmitter on and I heard a series of tones that lasted about one minute and surprising enough the pain had diminished and my low back felt better.   He did the treatment again and my back felt better than after the first treatment.   We agreed to talk the next day.   When we talked again only a small pain was present and he treated me again.   After this treatment the pain was totally gone and after over a month my low back is still in great shape.   I would recommend that anyone suffering from pain try the treatment." -- Dr. David Dyer, Sarasota, FL


"I am so pleased with the results of your pain management program that relieved a terrible tension headache...At first I was skeptical that it would be effective over the phone...within minutes of using the crystal matrix transmitter you were able to immediately fix--over the phone--my tension headache.   I am amazed with the results..." -- Nannette Staropoli, Bonita Springs, FL  


"I can't thank you enough for the treatment you gave me over the phone. That Sunday when I pulled my back out and could barely walk a friend of mine who you treated gave me your number. I was a little suspicious at first but what did I have to lose I could not get off the couch. Following the two treatments in a matter of minutes I was able to walk and move. My wife was sitting there and could not believe it. As you heard her in the background. If you ever have a patient that  does not believe like I did, please feel free to give them my contact information. Once again thanks."--Bill Signer, Fort Lauderdale, FL


"I have been suffering from a undiagnosed skin condition for almost three years. My symptoms were insomnia from being up all night scratching myself till I bled, rash outbreaks on almost every part of my body and super dry flaky skin. I had been to three different specialists with no luck. They put me on steroids of all kinds for over nine months. I gained eighteen pounds, had no energy. I felt like I was sick and lethargic all the time. I was so embarrassed from the rash and sores that I could no long wear tank tops or shorts.   Frustrated with being told by another new doctor that it was eczema but sorry there is no cure, I looked into holistic treatments. I found Holistic Health Solutions and not only has my life changed... my health is the best I can ever remember! ...Rich suggested doing a session with the Crystal Matrix Transmitter. I was unsure at the time how I would benefit from it...I did it...I woke the next morning and as I finished brushing my teeth I grabbed for my olive gold to put on my rash areas and to my amazement the area on my arm was gone! The skin was still dry, but no sign of rash or itchiness at all! ...My quality of life has changed as well as my outlook on health...I can't ever imagine going back to the traditional way of thinking that so many of us do. The most important thing is to treat the body as a whole and repair it from a cellular level and you will clear a path for the body to heal itself."   -- Rebecca, Naples, FL


"I hurt my back at work about two years ago and since then I’ve been battling with the pain. I tried chiropractor and nothing; the only little help was icy hot cream. I play soccer and tennis and I could not enjoy it because the pain was worse after.   I heard of Richard from a close friend and I was very skeptical about it especially when he offered to heal me over the phone. It took two phone sessions to heal my back, now I’m pain free and I’m feeling great.I hope this testimonial helps other people who are in any kind of pain to give Richard from Holistic Health Solutions in Naples Florida a chance to make the pain miraculously disappear. Thanks again Richard and God bless you." Adrian, Naples FL


"I fell off my bicycle and landed on my left knee.   For three months the pain was such that every step hurt and sleeping was continuously interrupted by pain.   Across the
counter pain pills did not help much.   Then I heard about your program.   It sounded quirky at first, but I decided to try it as I had heard of Peggy's classes and the great results she has gotten, so I felt comfortable.
I had a series of three(3) sessions, with each one the pain seemed to be less.   Now after a few weeks after the sessions, I am pain free for the first time in several months.   I sleep well and walk easily.   My friends have even noticed a personality change as I seemed   happier and am now that the pain is gone.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it worked for me." --
James R. (Jim) Connell, Naples, Fl.