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Here's what people are saying about the Wellness Jewelry:


"Congratulations to Stonewater Studio on achieving both beauty and the use of energy stones in jewelry. It is always a pleasure seeing someone use quality gemstones in such an excellent way."
 Jim C., Graduate Gemologist

" I love my gorgeous necklace from Stonewater Studio.     In addition to being a beautiful piece of jewelry, I felt the described properties of the gemstones almost instantly. This jewelry is definitely going on my Christmas gift list!"
 Joan R., New York, N.Y.
  "I   received the necklace and just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is.   I love it!   :)
 Thank you so very much.".
 Paula Lord, Epping, NH

"I was so impressed with the necklace and earrings that Peggy wore one evening and when she told me she hand made them with healing stones, I was so taken aback by how beautiful they were.   I proceeded to tell her about my best friend who had taken ill and was in intensive care.   Her birthday was coming up on July 21 and I told Peggy it would mean so much to me if she could make a custom necklace for her to help her heal and get stronger.   Peggy not only asked me questions about my friend’s well being, I also sent her a picture so Peggy could see her looks which made it even more meaningful that the necklace would be perfect for her.   My friend was so touched by this handmade necklace and just loves it, not only how beautiful it is, but how it was custom made just for her.”   I totally believe in the healing aspect of the stones that were used for this necklace, now I need Peggy to make one for me!.”
Chris B., Naples, Fl
"I like the design of your products ...natural and artistic at the same time." Julie P., Paris, France

 "The beautiful personalized made-by-Peggy bracelet…means a lot to me,” Maddie C, Burlington, NC
"My {Chakra} bracelet works in harmony with my yoga practice to help me quiet my mind.” AMF, Naples, Fl

"The bracelet is beautiful…I love it and it fits perfectly.” Steffi C, Alpharetta, Ga

“I really like the piece of jewelry that was made for me. Besides looking very cool, I am waiting to see how it has affected my diabetes.”   Jeff, Estero Fl