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Peggy5w.JPGHi I'm Peggy and I'm pleased to share with you an understanding of Amrit Yoga. The Integrative Amrit Method IAM has been developed by world-renowned Yogi Master Gurudev Amrit Desai who is from Gujarat, India and brought the real yoga to the west over 50 years ago. Gurudev founded Kripalu Yoga and has trained teachers throughout the world. The Amrit Method is a further refinement of the Kripalu ancient yogic practices and has been made even more accessible to even first-time practitioners.
Peggy4w.JPGAmrit Yoga, known as the Posture of Consciousness, is a metaphor for life. It's not about flexibility or exercise (although both may be benefits) but it's the authentic yoga for learning how to accept yourself as you are and how to be present with what is. It teaches how to dismantle reactive behaviors that make life a stressful struggle. It is an empowering program combining Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga-- active postures/asanas with dynamic stillness. You learn the real yoga which is "union" and when you integrate mind, body, heart and spirit you enter the "zone."   In this "zero stress zone" your life can be transformed into a joyful, effortless flow that restores your well being and improves your health.Each session may be from 60 to 90 minutes. Special l Sports Yoga Workshops are also available which may be longer. You'll experience postures (Asanas), yogic breathing (Pranayamas) and meditation. All levels and all yoga experiences are welcome. (If you're coming to a class, you'll need a yoga mat and an open mind and heart. Wear confortable clothes. No yoga experience necessary.)
With regular practice, yoga can have many benefits. Studies have shown the following to occur:


      * Restores homeostatis
      * Decreases pulse rate
      * Decreases respiratory rate
      * Lowers blood Pressure
      * Increases alpha waves
      * Increases respiratory efficiency
      * Normalizes gastrointestinal function
      * Normalizes endocrine function
      * Increases range of joint motion
      * Improves eye-hand coordination
      * Improves dexterity
      * Improves posture
      * Increases strength & resiliency
      * Increases endurance & energy
      * Normalizes weight
      * Improves sleep
      * Boosts the immune system
      * Decreases aches & pains
      * Improves balance


      * Improves mood & well-being
      * Increases self-acceptance
      * Decreases anxiety & Depression
      * Improves concentration & memory
      * Improves learning efficiency
      * Increases self-actualization


      * Glucose decreases
      * Sodium decreases
      * Total cholesterol decreases
      * Triglycerides decrease
      * HDL cholesterol increases
      * LDL cholesterol decreases
      * VLDL cholesterol decreases
      * Cholinesterase increases
      * Catecholamines decrease
      * ATPase increases
      * Hematocrit increases
      * Hemoglobin increases
      * Lymphocyte count increases
      * Total white blood cell count decreases
      * Thyroxin increases
      * Vitamin C increases
      * Total serum protein increases

Amrit Yoga can help you to learn to relax even in the midst of stress and chaos which is so prevalent in our world today. It can help improve your life so you feel more in balance, fitter, more energetic, happier, more peaceful and more able to dismantle and rise above the challenges of everyday life.   It helps you to connect with your authentic self so that you may reach your highest potential.It can help you to restore optimal health and well being.

Peggy3web.JPGPeggy Sealfon has trained with Yogi Master Gurudev Amrit Desai and is certified in Amrit Yoga and Yoga Nidra by the Amrit Yoga Institute. She offers regular classes in Naples, FL and provides programs and workshops all over the world. Her CD on "Integrative Relaxation for Sports"includes several Asanas along with an empowering Yoga Nidra technique. She offers Sports Yoga Workshops especially targeted to tennis players and golfers and she is available for   private sessions.

Or to arrange a group class at your facility, just email your interest to

Her clients have included Fifth Third Bank, The Club at Barefoot Beach, Lee Memorial Health Systems, PBI (Peter Burwash International), Pelican Marsh Country Club, Stonebridge Country Club, Uniprop, Inc., USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) among others, plus numerous private clients.

Set   an intention for your practice using the ancient Indian Asatoma Prayer. Click here for details.

    Contact Peggy directly at

  Each day affirm that there is nothing in this world that can stop you from transforming your life, opening your heart, loving yourself and sharing your love with everyone you encounter. ~ Yogi Amrit Desai

Read sayings from Gurudev Amrit Desai at    

  Amrit Yoga Classes
in Naples, FL

Tuesdays, 3:30PM Yoga Nidra/Integrative Relaxation with Peggy at Love Yoga*

*Love Yoga, 4949 Tamiami Trail N, #204


"I have enjoyed every minute of your class. It has benefitted me immensely. Thank you so much for so generously sharing your gift of knowledge and wisdom."--Margerita, Cincinatti, Ohio

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