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Integrated Life
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Improve health, relationships, self-image, work, life purpose 

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Personal Development & Stress Management Training

If you are ready to break through to an authentic life where you can be free and empowered to be you, then you are ready to develop your own personalized Integrated Life Plan.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I tired of being tired and having little energy?
  • Do I often feel overwhelmed by life's challenges?
  • Could my relationships be better?
  • Do I know I have a purpose but can't figure it out?
  • Is my health at risk due to weight, illnesses or other imbalances?
  • Am I stressed, anxious or tense a lot of the time?
  • Are finances or my job an ongoing problem?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions,  you can benefit tremendously from Peggy Sealfon'sIntegrated Life Training.

The program will require your full participation and commitment. Peggy is extremely intutitive in determining what will be most effective for you.  She works with you directly one-on-one either in person or long distance via SKYPE or phone. Her programs have helped clients all over the world.   >>Read comments>>

The more you are engaged in using the customized plan and strategies that are developed for your individualized requirements, the more you will transform. You can fast-track changes or opt to take your time.


Here's how it works:


Take a giant leap by making a commitment for from one to three months of working directly with Peggy Sealfon. Assimilating real change into your life requires a minimum of 21 days to impact new sustainable personal growth and influence positive habits. To fast-track results, opt for the one-month plan which offers high-intensity support to kick-start your transformation. The two-month plan provides similar results delivered over a longer period so that the day-to-day time commitment is less imposing. Thethree-month plan provides the most sustainable long-term approach with greater reinforcement. With this expanded, longer approach, you'll be able to address multiple challenges for a more beneficial integrated experience. Whichever you choose, your plan is tailored very specifically for you and intended to generate profound results.


You will be required to fill out a pre-assessment form. The first session is devoted to identifying all concerns and issues. Based on the pre-assessment form combined with the one-hour interactive session, Peggy evaluates with you where you are and what areas are the most troubling for you. Ultimately you choose one or two specific areas of your life that require immediate attention. 

It may be aspects of:

  • Health (Weight, Insomnia, Illnesses, Brain Fog, Low Energy)
  • Work (Dissatisfaction, Joblessness, Overwhelm, Stress, Conflicts with associates, Student Frustrations with anxiety and performance, etc.)
  • Financial Issues (Anxiety over debts, Lack of Income, Conflicts with spouse over money, Legal/Tax issues, etc.)
  • Relationships (Seeking love, Marital woes, Divorce, Children issues, Loneliness, etc.)
  • Spirituality (Finding Higher Self, Greater Connection to the Divine, Understanding Cosmic Energies, Getting More in Touch with Spirit)
  • Life Transitions (Coping with Major Trials of Divorce, Death, Job Loss, Empty Nesting, Aging, Moving, etc.)

Usually one aspect is more out of alignment than others. For instance, if your relationships are flourishing, typically your work life suffers or vice versa.  There is always something that occupies your focus and feels more worrisome; perhaps even causing sleepless nights. If you’re challenged by monumental transitions such as divorce, a major move, an illness, a new job, the loss of a loved one, a new relationship, Peggy develops a strategy that reduces stress and tension quickly so that balance and wellbeing are restored in order for you to achieve a more comprehensive approach to creating the life you truly want and deserve.  The intention is to access your authentic self and attain an integrated life that allows you to be and express all that you are. In this place of grace, you find peace, fulfillment and happiness impacting lifestyle and longevity.

Plan Development

Ultimately the plan guides you into an integrated life where all aspects are perpetually coming into balance and harmony. There are specific practices and techniques that are taught which you are expected to practice daily. They are culled from hundreds of possiblilities that range from ancient wisdom teachings of mindfulness, meditation and yoga to modern psychology and the neurosciences to energy medicine.  Depending on your lifestyle and obligations, these selections can be tailored for you to accomplish in as little as 15 minutes a day.  With Peggy’s support, you decide which are the easiest and most effective modalities for you. The strategic plan is determined with careful consideration and input from you all along the way to yield success.


Based on your personalized Integrated Life Plan, your life’s practices begin. Peggy trains you in how to incorporate the strategies into your life effortlessly, how to dismantle reactive behaviors, how to progress without fear or judgment, and how to monitor your personal progress. The Implementation falls into direct alliance with the next element of the program: Coaching.


A tremendous part of the effectiveness of the Integrated Life Plan is the consistent and systematic coaching throughout the time period you’ve selected. Once a week, you have a full hour-long session with Peggy (in person or remotely via SKYPE or phone). Plus, four days a week, you’ll have short Laser Sessions (15 to 20 minutes) that help you to be accountable and also answer any questions or issues that come up in daily situations. This process allows you to address setbacks or obstacles in real time as they are unfolding to achieve a more rapid understanding of how to use the tools you are practicing to develop successful solutions quickly.


After completing the program, you are given an opportunity to boost your success with ongoing Laser Sessions whenever you feel they are needed.  Some clients use them once a month; others once a week. You are never obligated to choose the Maintenance portion of the program. It is offered merely as an additional reinforcement as sometimes life’s curves can create blind spots that are better seen with Peggy’s supportive coaching.


Peggy accepts only a limited number of Integrated Life clients per month. If after the Evaluation & Assessment she determines that the slots have already been filled for that month, she will offer you the next possible opening or you may opt to have a full refund.  If the cost is prohibitive for you, scholarships may be available. 

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