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Inspirational Affirmations Greeting Cards $29.50
Click Here for Product Details! Six INSPIRATIONAL AFFIRMATIONS GREETING CARDS can be sent to friends and family to inspire, uplift and motivate. Each card features a unique photograph along with a special affirmation created by internationally-known personal development coach Peggy Sealfon. Inside is blank so you can craft your personal message. The back explains how to use affirmations in your life. Measures 4.6" x 7.2" folded in premium matte finish. Comes with 6 white envelopes.


Click Here for Product Details! Superior quality ceramic 11 oz mugs that help you start each day with a happy mindset. Sip your way to be "Inspired and Serene" and "Confident and Grateful" with SET ONE or be "Brave and Passionate" and "Kind and Loving" with SET TWO. These affirmations will contribute to helping you be happy now! Buy either set.





Welcome to a selection of natural and therapeutic products for balancing mind, body and spirit. Using these products helps bring you into an integrated state of being where challenges dissolve and you enter into your personal greatness. Each item has been created and selected with the intention of guiding you into a happier and healthier place of empowerment. In this domain of grace, you can realize all that you want for your life is attainable right now...and you have the potential to influence positive changes in the world around you.  

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Therapeutic Gemstone Jewelry
(for Women & Men)

(offers the benefits of gemstones)

Integrative Relaxation CDs
(Yoga Nidra for Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Sports, Travelers)

Happy Now Mugs
(Start your day with a happy mindset with these ceramic delights)

Pain Buster Program
(a transformational audio that interrupts patterns of pain and trauma through sound vibrations)

Pain Buster All Natural Herbal Spray
(fast pain and stress relief in a convenient bottle--takes 5 seconds to 5 minutes!)

Clothing Accessories for Women
(With designs that vibrate with balance--tops, scarfs, bags)





Fashion design & colors contribute to improving how you feel about yourself.
Pictured (on right) is the best-selling
Chakra Power Scarf! Buy here

(Below) Dreamer Chakra Pillow
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