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The Pain Buster Program incorporates ancient Integrative Relaxation techniques that help release the source of the pain and this is combined with a new technological advancement in Quantum physics which we believe stimulates the body's energetic fields that support wellness. It uses a wide spectrum of pulsed resonating sounds that serve   like a tuning fork bringing the body's energy centers into vibrational alignment. We believe this effect helps to restore your body to a state of wellness. The first part of the program uses a calming, breathing technique which is then followed by the pulsed sounds of the Matrix Transmitter. This program has not been shown to interfere with any form of medical care. It serves as an enhancement and, in most cases, provides immediate pain relief. Experience it for yourself.



The FREE use of the TRIAL of The Pain Buster Program is designed for you to have a first-hand experience of how it may work for relieving your pain. This is a brief version that should just begin to activate your body's own innate healing capacities so you can feel its impact.    


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Price for full length downloadable version $49.95

DISCLAIMER: Your body's ability to relieve your pain is not guaranteed. There is no warranty, expressed or implied that such a result will occur.The device and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and there is no attempt to diagnose, evaluate, treat, correct, mitigate, cure, or prevent any medical or surgical disease, defect, infirmity, disorder or condtion.   For medical/surgical diagnosis and/or treatment, you should seek the services of a physician or other healthcare provider.

Although no users have experienced any adverse effects. Anyone who has epilepsy or suffers from seizures should not use this program.  




We have created the Pain Buster Program in a very special high definition recording that will not reproduce effectively.  

Once you buy the full length version, you may download it onto an IPOD or MP3 but you cannot reproduce it. Any reproduction will not provide the proper quality to deliver the resonancy required to achieve results and potentially restore optimal well being.


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