Care of Gemstones

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 The Care, Cleansing & Recharging of
Therapeutic Gemstones

Since gemstones are vibrational energy, they can be affected by energetic impurities that they are intended to release. These unbalanced energies can be assimilated by gemstones as they are handled, shipped and used daily.   To clear these disharmonious energies and restore gemstones to peak performance, cleanse gemstones regularly so they may serve at their highest capacity.

•      Handle gemstones with care. They are natural creations from the earth and are fragile. If dropped on hard surfaces, they may scratch, fracture or break.
•      When wearing therapeutic gemstones, cleanse them at least two times a week (see below for cleansing techniques). If carrying gemstones or using them on a desk or nightstand, cleanse every couple of weeks.
•      When not wearing or using gemstones, store them in a drawer, covered container or rolled in a jewelry pack.
•      For travel, wear gemstones and keep them from being exposed to airport security X-rays.   If you can’t wear them, ask for hand inspections.   (Keep gemstones away from x-rays in dentists’ offices and hospitals.)
•      Avoid keeping gemstones near strong electromagnetic fields (computers, televisions, cellphones) unless you’re using them specifically for protection against EMFs and then cleanse them much more often.
•      Take off gemstone jewelry in chlorinated swimming pools or hot tubs.   The chlorine is not good for gemstones.   Softer gemstones like Calcite and Carnelian can disintegrate over time.


•      Smudging: This is my favorite and most preferred technique because it is the safest for all gemstones. I use sage because I like the scent and I often use it to “smudge” my entire home.   You can also use sweet grass, cedar or incense.   Pass the gemstones through the wafting smoke.   I watch the smoke curling around the gemstones and when the smoke shifts, I know the gemstones are cleansed.

•      Salt Water: Use a teaspoon of Sea Salt in a glass bowl of cool water.   Place the gemstones in the water making sure they’re covered.   Allow them to soak for 24 hours to rejuvenate and restore them. This procedure washes off negative energies and recharges them with healing energy activating the gemstones essential qualities.   PLEASE NOTE: Certain gemstones that are softer Mica and crystalline are too fragile and can be damaged by cleansing in salt water. The stones you should NOT treat this way include Calcite, Carnelian, Labradorite, Lepidolite, Moldivate, Opal, Turquoise, Ulexite.

•      Plant Rejuvenation: Place your gemstone jewelry at the base or on the branches of a healthy houseplant. The plant’s living energy field transmutes and clears any disharmonious energies and replenishes balance. For a deeper cleansing, place your jewelry outside in underneath or on branches of healthy shrubs or trees.

•      Flower Water: Soak your gemstones in flower water made with the petals of flowers such as rose, honeysuckle, orange bloosoms for 24 hours to remove all negative energies.   However do NOT use this technique for softer Mica and crystalline stones as mentioned for the Salt Water technique.   In the case of more fragile gemstones, fill a bowl with rose petals instead and place your jewelry on the bed of petals.


•      Sun & Full Moon: The sun or full moon clears, energizes and thoroughly revitalizes natural gemstones. Place your gemstones outdoors if possible (second best choice is a window with bright exposure) for 24 hours.   However be careful with full sun exposure as certain gemstones may fade such as Amethyst, Celestite, Opal and Turquoise.

•      Rain Water: Place gemstones outside during a rainstorm. Sit them in the grass and leave them for a few hours or overnight. This is an excellent cleanse and also recharges. USE FOR LOOSE GEMSTONES ONLY. If your gemstones are made into jewelry, the water can eventually corrode the thread/string or clasps.   So the first recharging suggestion would be a better choice.

•      Earth: Burying your gemstones in the ground is another good way to cleanse and recharge them.   Leave them for 24 hours but make sure you mark the spot you buried them.

•      Waterfalls & Oceans: Another powerful technique for rejuvenating your gemstones (and cleansing them) is to place them in a natural stream of water from a waterfall, ocean, stream or creek.   Leave the gemstones in water for up to 20 minutes but be sure to secure them adequately. USE FOR LOOSE GEMSTONES ONLY not jewelry as the salts and minerals can corrode string, clasps, etc.

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