Awakening A novel

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Awakening A novel
Awakening A novel Awakening, A novel by Peggy Sealfon Paperback signed by the author

What if you woke up at age 45 questioning if you've lived your life all wrong?

Rendered unconscious from a motorcycle accident in Southwest Florida, Robin Stevens awakens to realize she's repressed her past and is living life recklessly and unhappily. Feeling lost and miserable, she begins a profound search full of juicy twists and turns into a traumatic past. Her need to understand the mysterious disappearance of her mother takes her to the South of France which delivers with both psychic and spiritual revelations.

Awakening is a celebration of life, a passionate and surprising ride in which the reader gains a whirlwind of wisdom and insights. The story subtly conveys the author’s extensive trainings with renowned masters in eastern and western traditions. The character descriptions and rich details reveal a great depth and appreciation for relationships, the environment, culinary experiences, and seeking to confront one’s own fears from the past and finding one’s true self.

This book inspires the reader to want to embrace a more positive mindset. At a time when women are experiencing chaos and confusion, Awakening offers "a page-turning fictional escape that delivers 'real' tangible strategies for finding the path to a happy life," says international coach Mary Morrissey.

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July 14, 2024
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