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Private Consultations
Private Consultations Whether needing to heal from an illness or injury or needing to release stress to improve sleep, health and overall well being you can choose from any of Peggy Sealfon's programs. Sessions may take place in your home. Can also be offered online. You will be contacted to finalize date, time and location. Each session is customized for your special needs and is ultimately restorative and rejuvenating. These are the main concentrations from which a session is developed:

Integrated Life Coaching--
A comprehensive program that allows you to address specific issues by evaluating areas of blockages in your lifestyle. Peggy helps you identify patterns that may be holding you back and provides functional strategies for releasing them. Usually multiple sessions are needed to implement sustainable change.

Yoga Nidra—Integrative Relaxation provides a deep yogic sleep
experience that produces extremely restorative and healing benefits for
mind and body. Specific issues can be addressed during these
sessions to relieve pain, reduce stress, heal areas of the mind and body,
improve sleep, relationships, and more. Clients have commented:
“Sleep has been fantastic,” patient who suffered from insomnia. “You
have helped me immensely and there is not enough thank you's to send
your way.”—patient who has fibromyalgia. “I feel great and I’m just trying
to figure out how to carry that peace into my whole day.” patient with
indigestion issues.

Stress Buster System to restore well-being/anti-aging—An empowering
program that teaches you how to reduce stress in your body and mind for
optimum health, performance and well being. The program includes
Integrative Relaxation/Yoga Nidra techniques that are restorative and
regenerative. Can help relieve pain at the source, results in spontaneous
healing for many. Reduces or alleviates many stress related symptoms
from headaches to indigestion, to insomnia. Improves relationships and
allows you to discover your true self and reach your highest potential.

Spiritual Awakening-- Learn how to reconnect with your spiritual source;
balancing your health and integrating mind, body, heart and spirit to
awaken your highest potential. Combines breathing techniques, some
movement, chanting/sound, and Yoga Nidra techniques. Explore and
expand the infinite potential unfolding from within.

Finding Your Personal Intention—A private workshop-type session to
assist you in defining your personal intention for your life that is in
alignment with your true self and the divine spirit of who you are.

Amrit Yoga—. Learn the posture of consciousness, integrating mind and
body to feel calm, peaceful and empowered. Improve your life. Learn
how to dismantle reactive behavior that’s causing stress and imbalance;
compromising your immune system and your health. Private sessions
may be focused and customized on an individual’s specific needs. It may
center on resolving specific issues whether physical or emotional, or
may be used to heighten spiritual awakening, improve performance in
sports or work, increase flexibility and stamina, and so much more.

Crystal Medicine Therapy—Natural gemstones from the earth interact
and vibrate with the energy centers of our bodies; bringing harmony and
balance. Based on Quantum Physics, Sealfon provides an opportunity for
you to discover the gemstones that will personally serve you best for
physical issues or illnesses or emotional challenges. She will teach you
how to incorporate their use into your life for the most beneficial results.

Reconnective Healing, Energy or Reiki Healing—Relieve symptoms and reduce pain, balancing your body for optimum health. Connecting to the divine source of all energy allows an individual to receive healing benefits for any kind of ailments or challenges.

If you feel you need more than a session or two, Peggy Sealfon offers month-long and multi-month programs in the Integrated Life System which includes 5-day a week laser coaching sessions to promote assimilation of techniques and sustainability. Please request more information if you're interested. Email:

Once your payment is received, we will call or email you to schedule your time. Or you may call to make your appointment. Peggy Sealfon can work with you in your home, online (over the Internet/telephone/SKYPE), or in Naples, FL (239) 821-2266
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Private Consultations
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September 22, 2017
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