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In order to make a firm commitment to the process of personal development, Peggy requires a deposit on any of the Integrated Life Training Plans that you wish to pursue.  As soon as you register and make a financial commitment, Peggy will contact you personally to discuss the pre-assessment form and to schedule the start of your program.  Please allow 48 hours to be contacted after your full payment or deposit is received. There are additional 2-month, 3-month or annual programs. Or if you cannot afford any of the programs, you may qualify for a scholarship.  Please send your request to  Put "Other programs" or "Scholarship" in the subject line.

*Your monetary commitment is an intentional energetic exchange by you that immediately launches you on a path of positive change. It is the first step in readying yourself to open and receive information that lights up your internal soul system. It is an investment in yourself that will reward you with dividends for the rest of your life.

I am the change
I wish to see.



One Month Plan
Choose 1 Payment
or 4 Payments

Integrated Life Training One Month 1 Payment $1250.00
Click Here for Product Details! A concentrated one-month intensive to personal development and to supercharge your life. One payment. (A savings of $)
Integrated Life Training One Month 4 Payments $350.00
Click Here for Product Details! A concentrated one-month intensive to personal development and to supercharge your life. Four payments. Deposit of $350 required. Subsequent weekly payments of $350 for three weeks
I am on an effortless journey that flows in alignmment  with natural universal energies.

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If you have any questions,
please email Peggy Sealfon directly at:



If you are not completely comfortable and satisfied after one week of the program,
you may cancel by phone or email and receive a full refund of any monies invested.
100% Full Refund
You may keep whatever plans and tools have been shared with you to that point.
They are yours to use at your discretion. No questions asked.
You have nothing to lose
(except your old stories, depleting behaviors and stress).

Learn to be all that you can be.

If you have a scheduled appointment,
please read our Cancellation Policy!



Want longer-term coaching options?  

Longer coaching periods of two months to a year can sustain results more permanently.  

That said, Peggy Sealfon also offers shorter-term coaching periods
to help those on strict budgets launch their process quickly

so that money does not become an impediment to getting started.  . 

For a complete rate list,
email and put COACHING RATES in the subject line.


World-renowned Life Coach Peggy Sealfon looks forward to serving you and helping you to
Supercharge Your Life!



Laser (Focus) Sessions
are only available to existing or former clients.  These are brief very-focused sessions that help sustain practices to function at your absolute best.

Laser (FOCUS) Session $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! If you are an existing or past client or have taken a workshop with Peggy Sealfon, you are eligible to sign up for Laser (Focus) Sessions which are a cost-effective 15-minute private coaching opportunity to address an immediate issue or challenge directly with Peggy Sealfon by phone or SKYPE. It may be a transition, a decision, dealing with stress and anxiety, or challenges with work, health or relationships.
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