Custom Healing Gemstone Pouch

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Custom Healing Gemstone Pouch
Custom Healing Gemstone Pouch Peggy Sealfon will personally work with you by phone or email to ascertain what gemstones will work the best for any condition you're dealing with; whether mental, emotional or physical. Once the appropriate gemstones are determined for your special needs, she will assemble them in a handy pouch along with a descriptive card explaining the purpose of each gemstone and will ship them to you. Typically the pouch will consist of three key gemstones selected and cleansed personally for you for the Small Pouch; the Medium Pouch has about 4-6 gemstones and the Large Pouch has about 7-8 gemstones. This is an opportunity to create EXACTLY what you need. Sealfon is a crystal medicine therapist and intuitive. She can guide you to better well being and optimum health. Once your order is received, she will contact you initially by email.
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Custom Healing Gemstone Pouch
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